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Exclusive Benefits of a CPA 360 Subscription

The Annual Evolve Leadership Conference

As a CPA 360 member, you have exclusive access to this transformative event, where you can enhance your leadership skills, network with industry experts, and gain invaluable insights to accelerate your professional growth.

Live Support

Whether you’re seeking advice on complex accounting issues or need assistance navigating our innovative tools and resources, we’re here for you every step of the way.

User Groups

These groups present invaluable opportunities for accounting professionals like you to connect, share insights, and stay up-to-date on the ever-evolving world of accounting regulations and practices.

In-Person Meetings

We offer exclusive in-person events and networking opportunities to our esteemed members, where diverse accounting professionals can come together to exchange ideas, learn from industry leaders, and build meaningful relationships that fuel personal and professional growth.

Shared Tech Stacks

Members seamlessly share and leverage cutting-edge tools and resources, fostering a community of support and empowerment for accounting professionals to thrive.

About CPA 360

CPA 360 is a vibrant community connecting CPA firms from all corners of the world. We are more than just a network – we are a close-knit group of passionate professionals who empower and uplift each other on the journey to success. Together, we forge lifelong relationships, foster growth, and create a supportive environment that propels your career to new heights.


At the heart of our ecosystem lies our innovative PracticeERP software, revolutionizing the way accounting professionals thrive. Our nurturing community acts as the perfect backdrop for personal and professional growth, providing an environment where like-minded professionals inspire one another to reach new horizons.


At CPA 360, we were inspired to create a supportive environment that uplifts and empowers members within the CPA world. Recognizing the lack of industry support, our partners united to establish the foundation of this community. We understand the demands of our fast-paced lives and our goal is to provide a nurturing space where accounting professionals can thrive and receive the support they deserve.


CPA 360 serves as a solid foundation for accounting professionals, offering a comprehensive community of resources, exclusive networking opportunities, and enriching events. With our unwavering commitment, we empower accounting professionals to navigate the dynamic landscape, equipping them with the tools and support needed to succeed.

How To Master The Numbers Game

“I had a great time with Roger Knecht on the ‘Building the Premier Accounting Firm’ podcast. We talked about integrating technology in accounting, staff management & so much more. Give the episode a listen. ” ~Tim Moy

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The IPA Newsletter :

The Case for Keeping Timesheets, But Making It Easier and Faster

Chris Camara discusses the importance of tracking time in professional firms. Tim Moy, the MP of MBE CPAs, and Dirk Shimpach, founder of goVirtualOffice, partnered with NetSuite to create an integrated system called PracticeERP. This system automates timesheets, making it easier for employees to track their time. 

Moy believes that tracking time is essential for understanding the cost of production and evaluating employee and client performance. The system also allows for better project and employee utilization, leading to improved efficiency and profitability. Automatic tracking reduces the administrative burden on staff and allows them to focus on other aspects of their work. 

Overall, PracticeERP offers a solution that combines the necessity of timesheets with the ease of automation, benefiting both firms and employees.

One Cloud Solutions


Crunch numbers, work with clients, and make time for what matters most by streamlining processes and automating workflows on a single platform

Comprehensive Platform

PracticeERP is an all-in-one CPA firm management software that includes features such as CRM, client management, time and expense tracking, billing, and more on a single platform, allowing streamlined processes and automated workflows.

Process Automation

PracticeERP provides process automation features resulting in improved organization and greater peace of mind with secure cloud solutions, one source of accurate financial data with secure access, task management, and compliance guarantee, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Real-Time Reporting

With timely and accurate reporting, users can monitor the pulse of their firm’s success, gain real-time insights, make quick decisions, and have a comprehensive financial picture of all their projects.

Automated Timekeeping & Billing

PracticeERP’s easy-to-use tool allows users to automate timekeeping, cut labor costs, better manage and measure project progress, and accelerate cash flow with automated billing, thereby increasing efficiency, profitability, and productivity.

The Upstream Leader Podcast

The Upstream Leader’s Heath Alloway catches up with Tim Moy, the Managing Partner of MBE CPAs, and Dirk Shimpach, the Partner and Founder of goVirtualOffice to discuss the relationship between an ERP system and firm data to guide critical decisions and results, resource planning, and helping team members become better professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Your billing to PracticeERP includes a portion that goes towards supporting your CPA 360 subscription. This investment contributes to our vision of empowering accounting professionals and providing access to a supportive community, educational resources, and industry insights for your professional growth.
As our community grows, we carefully pair your firm with up to 10 other similar firms based on your revenue and size. This approach allows for valuable connections, shared insights, and collective advancement within your group.
At CPA 360, we deeply value the role of feedback in fostering personal and professional growth. It lies at the core of our mission to empower our members. Depending on the size of your firm, we offer up to four Champion seats where you have the freedom to select individuals from your team to represent your firm. These Champions will enjoy a direct line of communication with our dedicated CPA 360 Team, allowing them to create enhancement tickets and contribute to the continuous improvement of our services. We believe in the collaborative power of our community and encourage you to choose the Champions who will best represent your firm’s voice and aspirations. Together, we can achieve extraordinary progress and embrace a future of success.

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